Road Trip Day 6 – Greetings from Fort Collins

Posted July 13, 2010

After a few days in Salt Lake City, we finally made more progress eastward.  We are now in Fort Collins, CO.  This is a beautiful town.  It is Money Magazine’s 6th best place to live in the US.  Today was mainly a driving day and a relaxing day… oh yeah, and some work as well.  We spent most of our time from Salt Lake City to Fort Collins on the I-80 freeway.  Most of the drive was through Wyoming.  Let me just tell you, there wasn’t much that changed on that freeway.  Everything looked the same.  Here are some boring pictures from today. 🙂

This pretty much summed up the day.  Tomorrow we are planning to see some more scenic things in Fort Collins.  Tune in later.

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Road Trip Day 4

Posted July 11, 2010

The Lord’s Table meeting this morning was very sweet.  Very small, but sweet.  We watched message 11 of the Summer Training and then went out for a short drive around Salt Lake City with Daniel and one of the little ones.  We mainly went to a place called Alta.  This is where all the pictures are from below.  Played a little basketball tonight.  Overall a relaxing day.  Tomorrow will be another full day in Salt Lake City but mainly a work day for me.  We’ll see what the wifey does.  Here are today’s pics.


Road Trip Day 3

Posted July 10, 2010

Today was the last day of Zion.  Checkout time was 11am so we decided to make the most of our park pass that we got yesterday and go for an early morning hike.  We decided to take it really easy today.  The weather was awesome… nice and breezy and definitely not as hot.  We did two mains paths… the Weeping Rock trail and the Court of the Patriarchs.  Here are pictures from today…

Now we are in Salt Lake City for three days.  We’ll be just relaxing and of course I’ll be trying to get as much work as I can done.  The amount of picture taking will probably be less.  We don’t have very many touristy spots left on the trip.

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Road Trip Day 2

Posted July 9, 2010

Another hot day in Springdale, UT.  Today we actually went into the park.  Thanks to the suggestion of my dear wife, she said that we should go as early as possible.  So, we woke up at 6am, give or take 30 min, had breakfast a little after 7, and went into the park.  We decided to take it easy, at least that’s what we said.  We decided to go to the Emerald Pools.  We said we would take it easy and go to only the lower pool.  Look, the middle pool is not too far away.  After arriving at the middle pool, we said that we had gone this far, might as well go to the upper pool.  The upper pool just happen to be a steeper hike and I realized how out of shape I was and I am not as young as I use to be.  Overall, a good day.  Here are some pics from the day…

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Road Trip Day 1

Posted July 8, 2010

Day 1 of road trip in the books.  We are now in Springdale, UT, just a mile or two from the entrance of Zion National Park.  The drive for the most part was smooth with barely any traffic, other than the 20 min slow down from a stalled car on the 15.  When trying to get to Utah from SoCal, you need to drive through the desert.  For most of the trip, the outside temperature reading on the Prius read 99 to 104 F.  At one time, it read 111 F.  Hot, hot hot.  After a long week of packing and a long drive, I’m utterly exhausted.  Here are some of today’s pictures.

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Beetle Cam

Posted April 20, 2010

Love it.  I wish I had this much time and money to waste as well.

See it in action

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Israel Day 4 and 5

Posted January 25, 2010

Day 4 and 5 in the books.  Day 4 was nothing but sleeping, relaxing, and staying inside from the rain.  Day 5 was a totally different story.  We finally went to Jerusalem today and we were able to go on the Temple Mount.  It was windy and rainy but an unbelievable experience.

Here are some pics:

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Israel Day 3: Caesarea

Posted January 23, 2010

Great picture day today. We went to Caesarea today saw a lot of great ruins. I finally busted out the DSLR today to take pictures. Here are some shots from the trip.

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Great Park Balloon

Posted November 25, 2009

Pictures from the Great Park Balloon.

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Photo Project for 2010

Posted October 24, 2009

mePicture a Day

This kind of project is not new but I just wanted to do something that would force me to shoot more pictures.  Basically what I wanted to do is create a book where it would just be a picture for each day of the year.  What kind of pictures?  It could be anything.  It could be of my upcoming travels, my future nephew coming in March, etc.  It could be of any random thing.  The point is to get a collection of pictures for the whole year.  Pictures will come from my DSLR, my wife’s little point and shoot, a friend’s camera that I borrow, my camera phone, etc.

The final result will be just a picture book that is in chronological order.  Some pages may have up to 4 pictures and some may have only 1 (especially if I really like the shot I took that day).  I don’t know if I’ll publish it to the web because I know I’ll take pictures of people.

I have two main problems or concerns.  First of all, can I really keep it up.  I hope so.  Lastly, I have to wait two months to start this particular project.  I wanted to start yesterday but I think the beginning of the new year will be best.

What do you think of the idea?

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