Coffee Shop Whiff

Posted December 8, 2011

Occasionally you have some sketchy people who come into the coffee shop.  A guy comes in and I wasn’t sure about him.  He did buy a drink(I think) and was standing around looking at where he was going to sit.  He then picked a seat and walked past me to his seat.  What followed was a smell of someone who hadn’t showered in a little while.  He then sat in the seat, coffee in hand, and stared into space.  After ten minutes, he got up and walked out.  Of course, as he walked out and the smell followed him out as well.  Just another day at the office.

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Back to the Old Office

Posted October 19, 2011

Good to be back at the old office.  Not all Starbucks are the same.  They sell the same drinks, they have all the great service, but the characters that come to perform are definitely different.  I’m definitely not in Philly anymore.  I’m deep in Orange County, California and five minutes into being here and I’ve heard what I thought what I would hear.  First, a lady, while talking to someone reacts and says, “OMG”.   She didn’t says… “Oh my gosh” or Oh my God” but “O.M.G.”  I didn’t know it has come to the point where the line between IM or text talk and regular talk is blurred.  The next thing I heard was a guy waiting in line on his phone talking pretty loudly.  He says on the phone, “I have 8 houses.  I did have to give up one of them.”  Good to be back.

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More of the same

Posted August 18, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Starbucks but it’s more of the same.  I see some of the old characters but there are definitely new ones.  I would say the main character today is this old lady who’s been sitting here for a while staring into space.  She puts some of her stuff in one seat and then proceeded to sit at another seat, not next to that seat, but across the way, and puts the rest of her stuff in another chair.  Let’s just say she’s taking up 3 spots as people continually pass by to see if the seat is available, only to find that it’s not.  Don’t worry, she’s not just staring into space but she’s tapping her feet at a rapid pace as if she’s running in place.  Just another day in Philly.

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I work at Starbucks

Posted July 15, 2011

I don’t know how to make coffee or an “Upside down Carmel Macchiato” but I definitely do work at Starbucks?  Which one?  Anyone.  One of the benefits of working for myself is that I have the flexibility of working anywhere.  My office of choice is usually Starbucks because I always know what to expect.  There are two things that I can count on…  the drinks are always going to taste the same and I’m always going to run into characters.

I’m going to start a new category on my blog just to record any of the happenings or characters I observe during my time at my office.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but today, all the characters seem to have come out today at the same time.

For example… couple in front of me today… orders 2 Naked Juice drinks, 2 Fruit Yogurt cups, 2 hot coffee drinks, and 2 bagels.  Old man sits next to me…  as two huge Venti Frappuccino’s.  I’m thinking, he’s waiting for someone.  He downs the first one.  Then sits around for a little bit, then downs the next one.  There were other characters out today.  I guess I’m one of the characters out today as well.  🙂

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