Acer C720 Chromebook Review

Posted October 29, 2013

acer-c720I’ve only had the Acer C720 Chromebook for only a few days and I can already say that I don’t have any regrets with my purchase.  At $250, it was an easier risk to take than buying an inexpensive netbook or ultrabook at $400 – $500.  For that price, you would get a heavy and bulky machine with a 15″ screen.  I was looking for an ultra portable computer that was light on the wallet and that could run the programs I needed.  I first considered an iPad, but for me to do any work required a good internet connection.  Out of the box, ChromeOS does require an internet connection, but with some tweaks, it has become a very useful work machine.  I’ll cover those tweaks in another post… mainly the installation of Linux over ChromeOS.  In this short review I’ll mainly cover the out of the box experience.

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My iPhone 5 Review

Posted October 22, 2012

Being a long time Android user, I kind of surprised myself when I decided to take the plunge and preorder my first iPhone.  What was the tipping point?  I don’t think there was any particular tipping point.  I think I’ve always wanted to take the plunge but there were a few things that were holding me back.  I live in a Google world using GMail, Calendar, Drive, etc.,  so having an Android phone made sense.  The question is, can a Google user live in the Apple world?  After having the phone for almost a month, here is my review of the iPhone 5.

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The best Cheesesteak: John’s Roast Pork

Posted June 9, 2011

I have found my new favorite cheesesteak in town.  It’s not Pat’s or Geno’s.  It’s John’s Roast Pork.  I’ve passed by it many times on the way to Home Depot or IKEA, but this time we actually made a point to go there.  We were not disappointed one bit.  What makes it my favorite?  Good bread, chopped steak that’s not dry, and cheese that is well melted.  The reason why a lot of people haven’t tried it yet is because it only opens on weekdays until 3pm.

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Treegloo iPad 2 Case Review

Posted June 2, 2011

The only thing tougher than finding an Apple iPad 2 in stock is finding the right case to go with it.  In my case, it was more difficult in more ways than one.  More on that later.  Besides the price, there were two major things that I considered in choosing the right case, how I was going to use the iPad and where I was going to take it.  With these considerations, I chose the Treegloo iPad 2 Case.

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Eye-Fi Card Review

Posted May 24, 2011

I’ve had a month to play around with the Eye-Fi SD card.  What’s so special about this card?  It allows me to wireless transfer pictures from my camera to my computer without much effort.  You may be asking, is there much effort transferring photos?  It’s gotten much less since I got a computer with a built in SD card reader, but once you get an Eye-Fi card, you can’t go back.  If  you want to know how it works, click here.  I’m not going to get too much into the technical details but give a short account of my experience with the card.

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Review: Kung Fu Panda

Posted June 20, 2009

KUNG FU PANDAI don’t watch too many movies but the wife and I had a relaxing night and popped in a video that we had.  In short, I must say that Kung Fu Panda is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen.  I mean, it has it all…   Action, drama, comedy.  What more can you ask for?  Two thumbs up.  Seriously though, it was a very entertaining movie.

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Review: Magellan 1412 GPS

Posted May 13, 2009

Magellan 1412With a few road trips planned this year, I wanted to get a GPS device.  I knew I wasn’t going to use it on an everyday basis, I wanted to find the cheapest one possible.  I was shopping at Costco and I passed by the GPS units.  I basically wanted to find the cheapest one on sale.  The Magellan RoadMate 1412 was staring at me at the price of $129.00 before tax.  The only GPS unit I have owned before was the Tomtom GPS system for my old Treo 650.  It required a separate bluetooth GPS receiver.  The software was awesome and it worked very well, with the exception of that time in Hawaii (don’t ask).

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Review: Virgin America Airlines

Posted May 11, 2009

Virgin AmericaJust got back from my trip last night.  With any trip I bring a fair amount of gadgets and I use a number of services as well.  I wanted to give a review on a few of these gadgets and services.  The first one is of Virgin America Airlines.  This was the first time I flew them and my experience was mostly positive with a few little quirks here and there.

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Apple Safari 4 beta: Initial Impressions

Posted February 24, 2009

safariApple has just released the beta version of Safari 4. They are calling it the “world’s fastest web browser.” When I told my co-worker that, his response was, “Even faster than Google Chrome?”  Since Google Chrome is not out yet for the Mac I can’t do a fair comparison.  I would say that sites do render way faster in Safari 4 than in any other browser.  It is still in beta.  Even I found a bug while writing this post.  I actually had to switch back to Firefox because I couldn’t do some things in my editor.  One thing that I miss in Firefox and Chrome that all versions of Safari are missing is the ability to just quickly go to a particular tab.  For example, on a Mac, if I have six tabs open in Firefox, if I’m on the first tab and I want to go to the forth tab, all I have to do is press ‘Command + 4’ and I’m there.  I don’t have to click on the tab with my mouse or Ctrl-tab my way to the forth tab.  Remember, the keyboard is always faster than the mouse.  Maybe I’ll do a post on my keyboard shortcuts one day.

By the way, once again… if you are still using Internet Explorer 6, please upgrade.  Actually, if you are using Internet Explorer, my question is… why?  🙂  Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are the way go.

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Review: Icebreakers Ice Cubes

Posted January 14, 2009

icecubesReview: Icebreakers Ice Cubes

As you can see… neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.  I just don’t have any graphic that’s in between.
:Really good initial taste.
: The taste and flavor was completely gone in less than 10 min.
Verdict: Even though the taste was good, it’s never a good thing where I can probably count the number of chews before the flavor goes away.  I can’t give it a thumbs down because the flavor is not bad, but the thumb is tilting down for sure.

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