Review: The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa, Pasadena

Posted January 11, 2009

langhamReview: The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa, Pasadena

The wife and I took a little mini vacation for a our five year anniversary.  I got a great deal on a room on at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  I normally don’t book 5 star hotels nor can I afford to, but for a special occasion and a great deal, why not.  Next to the name listed on, it said “Formerly Ritz-Carlton.”  Even though we only stayed one night, it’s definitely a thumbs up.

Here are a few pictures from the hotel.


Review: Ice Breaker Chewy Sours

Posted January 9, 2009

ice_breakerReview:  Ice Breaker Chewy Sours

So I’m going to start a new review section on my blog.  What am I going to be reviewing… anything and everything.  Candy, gadgets, restaraunts, etc.  Why am I doing it… well.. because I can and if something stands out to me, good or bad, I’ll share about it.

My first review is something I saw at the supermarket in the checkout line, the Ice Breaker Chews Sours.  Maybe I got a bad box or something, but these things are kind of hard to chew and the flavor doesn’t quite have the same kick as it’s hard candy cousin, the Ice Breakers Sours.  This is definitely a thumbs down.

Update: A quick explanation of why I gave it a thumbs down.  It’s all about texture.  When I first bit into it, I didn’t know if it was a bubble gum or something else.  I know it’s not much explanation, but still… if it’s chewy candy, I want it to be Skittle like or bubble gum like, but not something that I can’t explain.