Road Trip Day 11 – Last day before Philly

Posted July 18, 2010

Today, we went to the meeting in Columbus, OH.  This is our second time here.  Most of the saints were at the college training, but it was still a sweet meeting.  Today was just a relaxing day… fellowship, board games, the usual in the church life.  Tonight we went to Graeter’s for some ice cream.  Very good ice cream.  It just so happened that it was the Graeter’s 140th birthday.  That means, two scoops for the price of one.  The only problem was this… Here’s how I ordered…. I like a double scoop… Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip… then he goes to scoop up the ice cream.  I expect him to come back and ask me what I wanted the next scoop to be.  Then he says, “here you go” and hands me a double scoop of Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.  It was good, but that was a lot of one flavor.

I can’t believe tomorrow we are finally arriving.  I don’t think the fact that we are moving to Philly has hit us yet because we are flying back in a week to ship the rest of our stuff, but it’s just the fact that we are almost done with our cross country journey.  I will say that we aren’t taking a long road trip like this for a very long time.  It just takes too much out of you.  Sorry, no pictures today, but tomorrow we should have more.  We should be stopping by the Hershey Factory tomorrow.  I’ll do a wrap up of my entire trip later this week.

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