Back to the Old Office

Posted October 19, 2011

Good to be back at the old office.  Not all Starbucks are the same.  They sell the same drinks, they have all the great service, but the characters that come to perform are definitely different.  I’m definitely not in Philly anymore.  I’m deep in Orange County, California and five minutes into being here and I’ve heard what I thought what I would hear.  First, a lady, while talking to someone reacts and says, “OMG”.   She didn’t says… “Oh my gosh” or Oh my God” but “O.M.G.”  I didn’t know it has come to the point where the line between IM or text talk and regular talk is blurred.  The next thing I heard was a guy waiting in line on his phone talking pretty loudly.  He says on the phone, “I have 8 houses.  I did have to give up one of them.”  Good to be back.

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